Administrative and Regulatory Law is that area of law that deals with rules and regulations created by government agencies. These agencies operate at all levels, Federal, State, and Local. In the State of Florida, there are a great number of agencies that have regulatory authority over your activities and business operations. On the state level, agencies such as: Florida Department of Business and Commercial Regulation, Florida Department of Financial, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, Florida State Emergency Response Commission (“SERC”), Florida Department of State, etc. On the local level, these include various commissions and planning boards. Examples of some of these agencies on the federal level include: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), Fair Trade Commission (“FTC”), Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Customs (Dept. of Homeland Security), and many others.

Most of these agencies are vested with rule making power by law. This is true of Florida and Federal agencies, as well as county city and local agencies and boards. These rules can and do affect companies and businesses in the operation of their business. Failure to abide by regulations applicable to your business can result in fines, penalties, closure orders, and other actions that can seriously affect you. Many of these agencies have their own legal proceedings which are heard in administrative courts, and in Florida, these proceedings take place under the Florida Administrative Procedures Act. These administrative courts have the authority to issue orders and take action that can subject companies and individuals to legal sanctions.

If you are a Florida business, or wish to do business within the State of Florida, in addition to the statutes of the State of Florida, there are rules and regulations that must also be complied with. These regulations sometimes require submission of applications and supporting documents to obtain approval. Good business planning and common sense dictate that these regulations be adhered to in order to avoid problems later. I am here to help you comply with Florida rules ane regulatioins applicable to your business.

I have represented clients before many of these agencies, and have represented clients in many hearings before administrative tribunals. We have the ability to understand how these regulations operate, and how they affect your business. Counsel with us in advance to make sure you are in compliance. If you are not in compliance, we are able to assist you in to bringing you and your business into compliance, and if need be, we will represent you in any and all administrative proceedings.