This office provides strong, experienced, and courtroom tested trial experience. I have been an active Florida litigator since 1980. Since 1980, I have been the lead trial counsel in hundreds of jury and non-jury trials in the Florida State and Florida Federal courts. I have represented clients in cases involving multiple jurisdictions within the United States and have represented companies and individuals in contested matters involving substantial damage claims, with complex and challenging legal issues. My many years of real world courtroom experience brings to the table the ability to focus on practical and intelligent solutions to disputed matters, including, if need be, the ability to take the case to its conclusion before a judge or jury.

Florida trial law is a challenging and complex area. The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, the Florida Evidence Code, and decisions of the Florida State and Federal appeals courts, just to name a few, are all present in any court case. Florida Court rules, codes, statutes, and court decisions all must be taken into account in a trial proceeding.

I have represented clients in many arbitration proceedings, including domestic arbitration and international arbitration. I have successfully represented clients before Florida administrative tribunals.

As part of my law practice, I endeavor to assist my clients to avoid litigation by intelligent and thorough planning. In the event that litigation is required, this office is ready to protect your interests in all forums. Let me put my many years of experience to work for you.



  • Representation in Florida state and Florida Federal Courts
  • Florida litigation services are provided in a full spectrum of subject areas, including, but not limited to: Commercial law claims, Contract claims, Corporate litigation, Insurance, Real Estate and Landlord-Tenant actions, Probate, and Wills
  • Depositions-If you are in need of depositions that need to be taken in the State of Florida, we can assist
  • Domestication and collection of foreign judgments in Florida
  • Service of Process in Florida
  • Issuance of Subpoenas, Writs, and other such instruments in the State of Florida
  • Pro Hac Vice Services for lawyers from out-of-state
  • Florida Arbitration and Mediation
  • For Florida Administrative & Regulatory services, please visit the Administrative & Regulatory Law Services page