I have provided Florida corporate law services since 1980. The broad range of Florida corporate law services are listed on this page. The Florida corporate code has been developed over many years, and consistent with the intent of the Florida legislature, it is intended to provide specific guidance to all types of business entities that are incorporated or established within the State of Florida. Whether you intend to create a Florida corporation, LLC, LLP, a Florida general or limited partnership, my office can assist you.

I can assist with the full life-cycle of your business. I am able to prepare everything from the selection of appropriate corporate structure(s), drafting and negotiating contracts to investor relations, and ultimately, to the sale or dissolution of your company.

Depending on your needs and business model, my firm can advise you as to how to ensure the best match of entity structure, whether it be a corporation, LLC, LLP, a limited liability company, not-for-profit, sole proprietorship, general or limited partnership created under the laws of Florida.

If your company is not established under the laws of the State of Florida, and has been created under the laws of another state or country, my office can assist you in registering your business with the Florida Department of State, and such other Florida agencies as may be required.

  • I provide the following services:
  • Creation of Florida corporations;
  • Creation of Florida Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Creation of Florida Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
  • Florida Joint Ventures
  • Florida General Partnerships
  • Florida Limited Partnerships
  • Preparation of Shareholder Agreements and Contracts
  • Preparation of Bylaws, Operating Agreements, member agreements, and management contracts.
  • I will guide you in how to issue stock, increase the stock offerings, register the shareholders and officers of the corporation in the corporate books
  • I will assist you in complying with Florida laws and regulations required to keep your entity up to date, and in compliance
  • If you are an out of state company or entity, which wants to establish a business presence in Florida, I will assist you in registering your company with the Florida Department of State, and other Florida state agencies to ensure compliance with Florida law.
  • Florida mergers and acquisitions
  • Litigation in the Florida state and Federal courts for any type of dispute under Florida law. For more information concerning our Florida litigation services, please visit the litigation services page.